Our Story

Al Shamsi Jewellery – Because You are a Jewel!

We, at Al Shamsi Jewellery, strongly support Dubai’s effort in becoming an international diamond trading and value-adding center of global significance. Thus, we ensure that we keep a steady record in delivering only the finest jewellery products and unparallel service to our customers.

Design For Love

It is our most humble honor to state that our years of success in the business had significantly contributed in the progression of the region’s jewellery community. Our inception has become one of the salient channel in making the UAE and Emarati talent known in the other parts of the world.

Our customers recognize Al Shamsi collections not just any jewellery pieces but masterpieces that able to exude one’s character and never fail in drawing attention anywhere they go around the globe. Al Shamsi Jewellery is owned and managed by a local family whose reputation in the business community, locally and internationally, continuously flourishing due to their professionalism in delivering and introducing remarkable businesses in the region. Aside from Al Shamsi Jewellery, they also run the Diamond Jewellery Manufacturing Company, which is operating in Sharjah, and the Dubai Int’l Factory for Gold & Jewellery.